Nom Nom Recipe Site

User Interface Design was the first class I've taken at UC San Diego Extension. This course was intended to teach a strong understanding of user interface design. Also doubling as a graphic and web design training course, it covered references, user experience (UX), and usability principles. Topics included psychological and interaction principles, requirements analysis, designing for different screens (web, TVs and mobile devices), design standards, style guides, techniques and visual design principles. As a requirement for the course-long project, we had to create 5 full mockup pages of a site of our choosing. I decided to create a recipe site, These pages were created using Fireworks and designed based on the principles I learned throughout the course.

Home Page

Search Page

Specific Search

Account Page

Help Page

Cognitive Design Studio

Cognitive design studio was one of the most practical and fulfilling projects that I have been a part of. A 6-unit project course, the goal was to examine the cognitive basis of web and multi-media design. I conducted in-depth contextual and prototype interviews as well as create affinity diagrams, work models, storyboards, personas, and consolidated sequence models. Specifically, my group focused on creating new and more efficient ways for users to interact with the tabs on their web browsers. We conducted interviews on over 20 subjects, analyzing and breaking down their habits to drive our design. This projected was dedicated entirely to finding and implementing user data and the design was 100% user-centered. 

Walking the Wall

Affinity Wall

Interpretation Session



Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype

Usability and Information Architecture

As part of my "Usability and Information Architecture" course, my team had to evaluate the university site of Louisiana Lafayette and redesign it with improved usability and information architecture. Our first step was to create a usability report using Nielsen's heuristics. Using this information, we completely redesigned the university page. (This page is not intended to function, it only serves as a representational page for better layout and organization.) 

Sushi E-Zine

As part of my “Usability and Information Architecture” course, my team created an e-zine related to sushi using the skills and knowledge learned throughout the course. We conducted user interviews to determine what information users were most concerned about, created wireframes to determine how the site should look like, and listed all the resources in the content inventory. This project was dedicated specifically to using what we learned about information architecture in order to create a perfect sushi site.

Home Page 

Secondary Page

Wireframe 1

Wireframe 2


Risk Space is an interactive table-top board game my partner and I created in my HCI seminar class. It is a digital transformation of the classic board game Risk. The design and the gaming features were decided based off of contextual interviews and user research. Using the Kinect for hand tracking and C# and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) programming, we were able to create a wizard-of-oz prototype demonstrating the gameplay. The report can be found here.

Asian Sourcing International

Asian Sourcing International Website 

Asian Sourcing International is one of the largest headwear manufacturers in China. As one of their design interns,  I researched  and constructed industry trend catalogues to assist various companies with product development designs. COLLAB is a brand I created used to sample various designs seen by customers. Below are a few examples of my designs. 

Vino Labbra

Vino Labbra is a product my team and I created in my product design and entrepreneur course. It is a wine glass cleaner and the end result of multiple contextual interviews, prototype interviews, and design iterations. Vino Labbra was chosen as one of three winners for the Moxie Center grant of $2000 to continue to pursue the products future. My team and I are still currently trying to put Vino Labbra in a store nearest you.